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A Dog’s Breakfast – Plenary Address to 31st ADI Conference.

The following represents my short plenary I address I have privileged to give on Day 2 of the 31st Annual Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference in Budapest. The accompanying PowerPoint Slides  references and slides have been omitted.



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Quality Morning Television

After a few days in Budapest, with a choice of Hungarian (language) morning television or BBC News, or BBC Children’s Television I can safely say BBC Kids has more intellectual content than our domestic morning TV. On a more enlightening note Oz wine of the red white or even château cardboard variety is head and shoulders,

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Living In The Past

Hello from Budapest, I have survived the first day of the 31st Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference.

I am not surprised to say that the environment chosen by ADI lacks a little in the Dementia Friendly Environment Stakes. On the lighter side two things:

Some Humour –

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