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Dementia Friendly Communities Survey

Alzheimer’s Australia is developing resources for a Dementia Friendly Communities Program. The first step has been the development of a “Community Survey”. This is intended to inform the project on desired outcomes and expectations. I ask you and every one you know to complete this survey. Pass it far and wide (It will really confuse Alzheimer’s Aust.

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No More Blame Game

Following is a short article reprinted under creative commons from “The Conversation” relevant to us all.

No more blame game: why we need to rethink what’s behind chronic disease

Garry Egger, Southern Cross University and John Dixon, Baker IDI Heart &

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How Memory Works

The following is republished from “The Conversation” (13/12/2016) under creative commons.

To read the original article follow the link at the bottom.

Comic explainer: how memory works

Jee Hyun Kim, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

We recall thousands of events and procedures every day,

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Antipsychotic Drugs and Delirium

According to a recent news article (published by the ABC) drugs commonly used to “treat” delirium in the aged actually worsen the condition and may increase their rates of mortality.

The full article can be found here. These findings seem to confirm a lot of anecdotal evidence and leads to the question “Why is it so?”

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