About Dementia

Following are links to video recordings of our Public Dementia Awareness presentations.

These presentations are from our lived experience and are not third party clinical overviews. To the best of our knowledge this lived experience perspective is unique in that these presentations are probably the first such that have been authored by, delivered by and produced by people living with a diagnosis of Dementia.

We normally allow for interactive questions and have a panel of ‘lived’ experts to help answer these questions as well as allowing for a more formal Q&A session after each section.

If you have questions or would like to enquire more please e-mail info@southerndag.org .

Part 1: An Overview

An Introduction to Dementia in Australia  (Click to view this in a new tab. This video runs approx. 16 minutes.)

Part 2: About Dementia

A Overview about the affects of Dementia and its Sensory Impacts (Click to view this in a new tab. The video runs approx. 23 minutes.)

Part 3: Its About You

This video addresses some of the common concerns people have around the process of getting a diagnosis as well as strategies you can employ to minimise your risk of developing a Dementia. (Click to view this in a new tab. This video runs approx. 17 minutes.)

Part 4: What you Can Do

This video provides some ideas to help people living with Dementia and some communication tips and resources, as well as introducing the Dementia Friends program and some connections for involvement in research. (Click to view this in a new tab. This video runs approx. 25 minutes.)


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