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Developments are being made in the field of dementia all over the world. It is often difficult to keep abreast of things that might be of interest to those with the disease and those caring for them.

Members of the group are in contact with others overseas who are trying to make a difference in the field. This means they can pass on items that are relevant and not just from an Australian perspective. It is only if we join together that something can be done. As an example click here to readnews Human-Rights-for-People-Living-with-Dementia-Rhetoric-to-Reality a Dementia Alliance International publication to coincide with the adoption by Alzheimer’s Disease International of a Human Rights based approach, and to coincide with Dementia Awareness Week UK 2016.

This section is also dedicate to bringing together information about what is happening in the Kiama Dementia Friendly Project, what our members are doing and to anything we find newsworthy.

We know that many people are creating and developing things that they want to pass on, so if you have an item of news you think others should be aware of then don’t hesitate to send us the details at and we will do our best to pass it on.

Community Awareness



Dementia Forum Hobart 2019

The annual Australian Dementia Forum occurred in Hobart on Thursday 13th June and Friday 14th June, with several round table discussions and side events occurring on Wednesday 12th June.

The forum is an annual event held by  NHMRC NIDR which is an ‘economical’


Venue Assessment Tool


This resource is designed to assess venues and business premises to help make them more dementia assessable. This work is based on the E.A.T (Environmental Assessment Tool) available from Dementia Training Australia

The resource is in two parts –

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Science and Schooners

The following is a ‘practice’ run of a presentation (to be) given at the Uni Bar – The University of Wollongong on May 28th.

I was proud to be invited to do this presentation, but doubly so because my oldest son was able to attend.


Art Therapies

Creative arts therapies can help people with dementia socialise and express their grief
File 20190509 183096 no037k.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Visually expressing painful memories and feelings can help let things go.

Joanna Jaaniste, Western Sydney University

People with dementia can flourish and show creativity in ways they,


Making Sense of Our Senses!

In preparation for our next public Dementia Awareness Presentations At Gerringong Bowling Club we have updated and prepared some short videos on our sensory problems.


Sense of Smell (You smell –


First 2019 Barbeque

Our first social get-together for the year will be this coming Thursday at Dennis’s home in Nowra. The BBQ will fire up at midday, so if you’d like a coffee and muffin before, then be there early. All are welcome.


NDIS where are we?

The following a series of articles republished from The Conversation.

The NDIS is delivering ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports for some, but others are missing out.

How to improve the NDIS for people who have an intellectual disability as well as a mental illness.


We are all individuals

Why people with dementia don’t all behave the same
File 20181003 713 kzykhk.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1People with dementia experience a range of psychological symptoms and behaviour changes.

Lila Landowski, University of Tasmania

Dementia is the is the leading cause of death among Australian women and the third most common cause of death among men.


Why We Can’t Keep Our Cool in “Care”

Reprinted from The Conversation -2/08/2018

Getting the temperature just right helps people with dementia stay cool
File 20180731 102498 1bk3bqz.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1There are currently no rules to ensure that aged-care facilities provide a comfortable indoor environment.
University of Wollongong,


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