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Quality Morning Television

After a few days in Budapest, with a choice of Hungarian (language) morning television or BBC News, or BBC Children’s Television I can safely say BBC Kids has more intellectual content than our domestic morning TV. On a more enlightening note Oz wine of the red white or even château cardboard variety is head and shoulders,

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Remember Remember

Remember Remember

We have Dementia.

We do not want to be Forgot

So Please do Not.




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Living In The Past

Hello from Budapest, I have survived the first day of the 31st Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference.

I am not surprised to say that the environment chosen by ADI lacks a little in the Dementia Friendly Environment Stakes. On the lighter side two things:

Some Humour –

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To Those Who Care


Keep placid amid our noise and confusion, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to us, even if we seam dull and ignorant; we too have our story.

Avoid being loud and aggressive to our person;

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Welcome And Thankyou

As our web site is coming to life I would like to start by welcoming your readership and eliciting your participation in our cause of Advocating for People with a Dementia and those around them. I would also like to publicly thank Barbara for her sterling efforts thus far.

It is our intention that this site will evolve to reflect our needs and express our experience as people with dementia coping with the world in general.

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