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Random Brainwave

A “Poem” 14 Billion Years in the Making

Carried on times first light,

Drifting for long ages until,

Brought together to ignite a starry furnace.

One of number, beyond count.

Then bursting out in a cosmic explosion

Casting light across the void

Drifting on wings of light,

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Embrace Yourself

Language is a wonderful thing. It has raised us up to the pinnacle of the animal kingdom and has come hand in hand with our intelligence. It gives voice to our thoughts and allows us to externalise our memory and to give our ideas and memories a life beyond our bodies and our mortality.

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Random Brainwave

It’s Time

In a moment of nostalgia while researching some of the moments and events that shaped my life I found these lyrics to the only memorable election campaign held in Australia.

It’s Time

It’s time for freedom,
It’s time for moving,

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Referent and Non Referent

Some time ago (in the 70’s) I read a short story in a Science Fiction Anthology that featured an entity that described itself as a “non-referent”. The theme of this story (the author and the book are long lost to me) has stayed with me for years. In essence this being could only exist as itself,

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Dementia Summit 2016

The second annual Dementia Summit held in October 2016 featured many DAGs associated with the Dementia Friendly Kiama project. The following is a “practice” run of our presentation.

Dementia Friendly Kiama Presentation (rehearsal)

The PowerPoint slides (pdf) are available here.

Now that the event has run I would like to add two extra statements to the presentation.

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Kate Shines (The Light)

Our mentor and inspiration has just been interviewed by Radio 2UE Sydney.  She was interviewed by  David Prior for a series on “Staying Well”. You can hear the podcast here

Well done Kate.



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Random Brainwave

Drinking Coffee And The Risk of Dementia

A number of recent press articles reported how drinking coffee lowered the risk of Dementia for older women. Unfortunately, but not expectantly, it illustrated the low levels of comprehension of the “journalists” doing the reporting. An article published today in the “

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Sensory Challenges – Seeing is Believing

I love it when co-incidences come together. Yesterday while dealing with my morning E-Mail I an received a e-mail from Scientific American Mind with a leading article on “A Caregivers Survival Guide”. The issue looked good so I purchased it. A quick peruse of the journal revealed an interesting piece on Illusions.

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Our Next Social Gathering – October

Our next social outing will be postponed for a week. Our next outing will be on

Tuesday 18th October 2016, at GreenPatch picnic grounds of Naval College Rd, Jervis Bay.

To get there proceed down Jervis Bay Road to the Ranger Station at Booderee National Park.

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