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World-wide there is an increasing awareness of Dementia and the rights of people with Dementia to remain active in their communities. In this century pioneering work has been done in making communities more “dementia friendly”. Much credit is due these pioneers particularly in Scotland, Japan and the Scandinavian region. However, these projects were invariably conducted “for us” not “by us”.

Recently a new approach to developing these “liveable” communities has been pioneered in Kiama, Australia. The “Dementia Friendly Kiama” pilot project is based on one major premise “nothing about us without us”. Here people living with Dementia are a core part of the project. We are involved in all aspects of the project, and have been able to contribute to the community in ways that few could have imagined at the start of the project.

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“By us not for us”

The Kiama project has moved from just being “friendly” to being truly inclusive of all people. One key observation made of this project is that when we take the needs of people with dementia into our planning we are really covering the needs not only of people with Dementia, but most people with a disability, the aged and the otherwise infirm. We are making a truly inclusive community.

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This page is intended to cover this topic of inclusive communities and if you have a contribution to make or would like more information just E-mail us on and we will do our best to accommodate you. We hope to produce a “toolkit” or set of principles to adopt for establishing you own Dementia Inclusive Community.

Becoming Dementia Aware

Becoming Dementia Aware
Steps Toward Becoming a Dementia Friend

(Short Notes to accompany our Full Dementia Awareness Presentations. A Paper copy can be downloaded by clicking here, and to request a full ‘half-day’ live presentation tailored to your needs please see the contact us section at the end.)

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Venue Assessment Tool


This resource is designed to assess venues and business premises to help make them more dementia assessable. This work is based on the E.A.T (Environmental Assessment Tool) available from Dementia Training Australia

The resource is in two parts –

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Be The Change

Dementia Australia’s First and Alzheimer’s Australia’s last National Conference “Be The Change” begins in Melbourne today (17th October 2017).

The following is a link to my poster presentation  on Developing Dementia Friendly Communities, giving my overview of the Dementia Friendly Kiama project.


The Good Ship Titanic

News from Melbourne. After day one of the Dementia Reform Funding Innovation Conference   we have reason to be optermistic. The good ship Dementia Care is showing signs of changing coarse. It appears to be heading to warmer friendlier climates. It still has a long way to go.

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Building A Dementia Friendly World, Kyoto 2017

The Building A Dementia Friendly World symposium was held last week, co-organised by Alzheimer’s Society and the WHO Kobe Centre as part of the ADI2017 conference in Kyoto.  This was one of several pre-conference symposia and a chance to see a broad global representation of Dementia Friendly initiatives.


One Brick At a Time

ADI2017 Symposium:Building A Dementia-Friendly World.

This symposium occurs today 26th April at 13:30 (Japan time) in Kyoto. It is a precursor to the 32nd International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI).

The following as a presentation given by Dennis Frost briefly outlining the Dementia Friendly Kiama Project.

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Dementia Awareness Education Day

Dementia Friendly Kiama: March 21st

Want to know more about dementia?

Want to know what you can do to support a friend, colleague or neighbour who has dementia?

Want to know how you can help make Kiama a World Leading Dementia Friendly Community?


Dementia Friendly Communities Survey

Alzheimer’s Australia is developing resources for a Dementia Friendly Communities Program. The first step has been the development of a “Community Survey”. This is intended to inform the project on desired outcomes and expectations. I ask you and every one you know to complete this survey.


Youth Understanding Dementia

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Dementia Friendly Kiama Showcase

Dementia Friendly Kiama Showcase

Dear Friends of the Dementia Friendly Kiama Project,

 It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to the Dementia Friendly Kiama Showcase and Official Announcement of the Extension of the Project for an additional 12 months.


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