Living In The Past

Hello from Budapest, I have survived the first day of the 31st Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference.

I am not surprised to say that the environment chosen by ADI lacks a little in the Dementia Friendly Environment Stakes. On the lighter side two things:

Some Humour – those of us with a dementia are seeing the lighter side and in the opening address this evening from John Sandblom, his humour was met with some guarded laughter. Things are getting better; and secondly:

I’ve had a chance to meet a few people, advocating for those of us with a dementia and I can sense a real sense shared empathy and a sense that the times are changing. There is a groundswell feeling that such things as our basic human rights as individuals are now being brought to the forefront of discussion.

For those who  thought Kates BUB was a myth – he’s real and not a bad bloke. Kate has trained him well.

Now to the subject of time travel nostalgia. I thought my home NBN was a bit mediocre at 50/25. The shared WiFi network here gives me at best mediocre ADSL 1 speed and E-mail access reminiscent of Dial UP maybe 56k. Then dies.

It has taken me several attempts to get this far in the blog.

Now its sunrise and  have been awake (not functioning) for about4 hours now and am pretty much halfway though my functioning day.

Another interesting thing is that the work done on pathways is being discussed by the thinking masses. It if fun to mention in some of these discussions that I am not only aware of the work but have had some small involvement in it. Lynda your name strikes fear into some I have met.

Time to go in search of a good coffee and food.

Lifes a Joke – Then your dead.  Live long and prosper!



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