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Recently at a Dementia conference I made a remark that the current model of dementia care was Dickensian in its view. I also added that I had added the “ensian” post fix to polite.

My view of the works of Mr Dickens is of pretty depressing world. But recent reflection leads me to add a new comment. Good things did come out of Dickens novels. The first was the names for two of the world’s best groups Jethro Tull and Uriah Heap. We must also acknowledge the Dickensian inspiration of Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights*) for Kate Bush.

(I would just like to add that I am posting this from one of our States finest Silver “rattlers” bound for the sunny city of Sinny.)

  • Withering Heights as we referred to it when forced to “study” Dickens in 1972’ish

?? Live Well And Prosper

Addendum: It was pointed out to me that Wuthering Heights was not a work of Dickens but one of the Bronte sisters, who in my humble opinion were more boring than Dickens – hence why  I got it wrong. That and the fact I do have dementia.

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