Random Brainwave

A “Poem” 14 Billion Years in the Making

Carried on times first light,

Drifting for long ages until,

Brought together to ignite a starry furnace.

One of number, beyond count.

Then bursting out in a cosmic explosion

Casting light across the void

Drifting on wings of light, tuned to the song of first creation

Slowly coming together in chaotic turmoil.

With a steady orbit of our newly formed Sun

Waiting for life to burst forth.

Then born again,

As four billion year old carbon.

We are Golden stardust, children of the Sun.

We look back into the darkness

And see where we have come from

But the light blinds us to where we are going.

Fourteen billion years in the making

Our spark but a dim flash.

We are stardust, born of the ashes of countless dead stars.

One day too, our children will rise from our ashes.

And see where they too have come from,

And perhaps will see beyond the darkness,

In harmony with creations song,

And join me in in its chorus.

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