Dementia Summit 2016

The second annual Dementia Summit held in October 2016 featured many DAGs associated with the Dementia Friendly Kiama project. The following is a “practice” run of our presentation.

Dementia Friendly Kiama Presentation (rehearsal)

The PowerPoint slides (pdf) are available here.

Now that the event has run I would like to add two extra statements to the presentation.

Firstly, the closing remark I added on the day.

“What we do individually is not significant, its what we do together that is important”

And secondly what I didn’t get to say.


“I challenge you

I challenge you all!

For all that you own

And all that you know.

Show us your conviction

To overcome dementia

Donate your brain!

And tomorrow our children may see a world

Free of Dementia!”


Note: for the better educated of us, you may see that I was inspired by the lyrics of Uriah Heap’s “Magicians Birthday”

To find out more visit NeuRA Find Out More and “Would You Donate Your Brain”

I thank you on behalf of my children,  and all that follow us.

Live Well and Prosper


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