Living Well At Home

The following is “practice” presentation for the UOW Solar Decathlon- Desert Rose project to be given as part of their Dementia Awareness program.

The presentation can be viewed here in a searchable – chaptered format.

In this presentation I briefly cover the impact Dementia has on my sensory perception, some strategies I have employed at home to reduce the impact of aging and dementia. I have included a short video trying to illustrate how sound perception may be altered.

This is the full presentation as a single Video.

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2 comments on “Living Well At Home
  1. Lynda Henderson says:

    Very interesting. Tweeted today 17/1/18.
    Will share to FB groups eventually.
    I think this is really valuable education for people, thank you.
    Love the multimedia!

  2. Evelaine berry says:

    Have only just read and listened to this! I’m so impressed – all that research, experience knowledge and skill! Plan to view several times. Thank you Denis!

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