February Social Gathering – 2017

Our February Get Together

TIME:     Tuesday 7th February at 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM.

PLACE:  Emery Park on Park Road, Gerroa.

The Activity Group is a group open to people with any form of Dementia, of any age group, their Carers and to anyone else with an interest in the well-being of those with Dementia.

The group organises informal gatherings on a monthly basis, at a variety of local points of interest.

These activities are styled on the idea of a social picnic, with people getting together over a coffee (or any other beverage) to relax in a non-threatening atmosphere. We are also a conduit to feed ideas and opinions to the “Kiama Dementia Advisory Committee” and the “Dementia-Friendly” Pilot Program in Kiama, as well as the national Dementia Friendly Communities project that is being developed by Alzheimer’s Australia.

This months get-together will be at Emery Park on Park Road, Gerroa.

(See our Events Newsletter for more details)
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One comment on “February Social Gathering – 2017
  1. Carolyn Smith says:

    Thank you,
    Mum and I will be thinking of you all as you enjoy your gathering.

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