Antipsychotic Drugs and Delirium

According to a recent news article (published by the ABC) drugs commonly used to “treat” delirium in the aged actually worsen the condition and may increase their rates of mortality.

The full article can be found here. These findings seem to confirm a lot of anecdotal evidence and leads to the question “Why is it so?” It seems person centred care is again interpreted as leaving a space on the death certificate for the person’s name.

I know that personally if I found myself the recipient of such treatment I would be obligated to express my concern and fears in a manner that seemed most appropriate at the time.

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One comment on “Antipsychotic Drugs and Delirium
  1. Anon says:

    Hint, Dennis: any time you’re asked if you have any allergies include haloperidol and risperidone to your record(s). You may be further quizzed about how these drugs adversely affect you so perhaps “intractable delirium” is a good response. (I doubt you’ll be asked.)

    You may even speak with your local GP about including antipsychotics into your records as know allergies—you have a strong aversion. You may feel more comfortable knowing you’ll be in some way protected from administration of antipsychotics against your will into the future.


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