Whats Happening To My Brain?

The following is a short video in which I am attempting to use artistic license to show an interpretation of the changes that are occurring in my brain. This short three minute video represents about 100 hours of single frame editing to achieve my animation. Hopefully this will illustrate how amyloid plaques may  be degrading the way my neurons behave.

As I have a form of Prosopagnosia (or face blindness) I have used the act of recognising a face to illustrate my point.

I hope this short video proved somewhat enlightening.

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3 comments on “Whats Happening To My Brain?
  1. Lynda Henderson says:

    Love it! Final Youtube version tweeted & posted on FB this morning.
    Veda thinks you’re very clever. She loves the animation and the music.
    Congratulations Dennis. xx

  2. Teresa Cuda says:

    Thank you Denis for educating us on how amyloid plaques degrade the way neurons behave. Very talented concept execution. As an educator I really appreciate your vocabulary, clear examples and analogies. Congratulations on bringing light into this subject.

  3. Very interesting, we take our body and mind as granted, we overused and sometimes don’t pay any attention what our own senses tray to tell us, we don’t realise how fragile it can be, until something happened 🙁
    I one of the ones who learn in the hard way, to stop only when I need to go to the hospital.. mmmmm enjoy more , learn how we treat our self physically and mentally . thanks for the video , all the best for you

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