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The Gift

I have been given a great gift. Something denied to most people, or dragged away with false promises. The gift my disease has given me is the real promise of a finite death. No false promise of a cure but the solid promise of an end. It will not be an enjoyable experience and it may drag on for a long time, but something I can now face with my inner dignity intact.

I might suggest if god (or the other option) knows what’s good for him, then a miraculous cure will appear very soon.

Today, there are no cures, no treatments and no false promises,


Jim! There is Life Jim – There is LIFE – but not as you know It

Live Well and Prosper

As a final note (I don’t mean final final) consider this video interpretation of this, The Doors – The End

It portrays some of the events and music that has help shape my life – and I ask “what has changed?”

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