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These are the stories of our members and friends as told by them. They our personal accounts of our journeys with Dementia. Blogging is recognised as a powerful tool to help people with dementia maintain their engagement with life and may help slow the rate of progression of the symptoms. These post may serve many purposes for each individual and their families and friends.

If you wish to share your story, please contact us (info@southerndag.com) and we can arrange to set you up with your own blog. If you wish to comment on someone’s story please do, but remember the person not the dementia.

Building A Dementia Friendly World, Kyoto 2017

The Building A Dementia Friendly World symposium was held last week, co-organised by Alzheimer’s Society and the WHO Kobe Centre as part of the ADI2017 conference in Kyoto.  This was one of several pre-conference symposia and a chance to see a broad global representation of Dementia Friendly initiatives.


To Fight Or Not To Fight

We are constantly presented #1 with sensationalist representations of dementia. We are presented with words and phrases such as the following

  • Battling Dementia #2
  • A Dementia Tsunami #3
  • Suffering with Dementia #4

The language being used to report on Dementia is the same sensational language used to report on war.



Artful: Art and Dementia at the Museum Of Contemporary Art

Recently I had the pleasure of undertaking the Artful program at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). This program has two aspects – a research component that is conducted by the Brain and Mind Centre,


Sydney Morning Herald – Kate Swaffer Interview

Author Kate Swaffer on living beyond dementia diagnosis

The following is a link to the Sydney Morning Herald article that appeared today –
Saturday November 26th 2016

Kates Interview




Whats Happening To My Brain?

The following is a short video in which I am attempting to use artistic license to show an interpretation of the changes that are occurring in my brain. This short three minute video represents about 100 hours of single frame editing to achieve my animation.


Helping The Cause of People With Dementia

It has been suggested that some of my posts may not be helping our cause, the recognition of people with dementia as people, but I would suggest if our distractors spent more time listening to Jethro Tull or even Twisted Sister the world would be a better place.

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Dickensian Views

Recently at a Dementia conference I made a remark that the current model of dementia care was Dickensian in its view. I also added that I had added the “ensian” post fix to polite.

My view of the works of Mr Dickens is of pretty depressing world.


Random Brainwave

A “Poem” 14 Billion Years in the Making

Carried on times first light,

Drifting for long ages until,

Brought together to ignite a starry furnace.

One of number,

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Embrace Yourself

Language is a wonderful thing. It has raised us up to the pinnacle of the animal kingdom and has come hand in hand with our intelligence. It gives voice to our thoughts and allows us to externalise our memory and to give our ideas and memories a life beyond our bodies and our mortality.


Referent and Non Referent

Some time ago (in the 70’s) I read a short story in a Science Fiction Anthology that featured an entity that described itself as a “non-referent”. The theme of this story (the author and the book are long lost to me) has stayed with me for years.



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